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Founded in 2005, Quadriga Investment is your partner for investment advice and sustainable investments.

Quadriga Investment is an owner-managed, solution-oriented company, based in North Rhine-Westphalia. We connect independence and personal responsibility, with our purpose-driven philosophy. In this way, we create the basis for long-term cooperation with our partners, as well as with our clients.

The company's core business is real asset investments and forms of investment that meet ethical and environmental criteria. 

tarting from medium assets, we are your companion in questions of asset management, financial services, sustainable investments.


As an innovative, transparent financial services provider with the personal touch of an old friendship and the dynamics of a social network, we offer you exclusive access to first-class investment forms and effective pension solutions for employees and companies.


Quadriga Investment practices sustainability, value creation and a familiar collaboration. This is realised by self-reliant, authentic personalities. Our partners and clients benefit from specific expertise in the areas of investment, pension plans and marketing.

Every day we work on
our brands and products 

Our company develops its own solutions and

also acts as an intermediary and consultant on behalf of banks, insurance companies and investment companies.

Logo der Webiste mit einem Tiger als Handwerker

The portal addresses itself to handicraft enterprises and professionally skilled craftsmen. In a nutshell, it's for people who want to get started, make things happen, and make decisions.


In the core we offer special, on the target group coordinated solutions for work force security, health insurance and the protection of tools and machinery.



The Ziegelaktie finds its origin in problem solving.
In our decade of activity, we have found that there is an enormous demand for people who would like to invest in real estate, but for a variety of reasons cannot or do not want to do so in the form of a direct investment. We then developed a system that allows people to purchase and trade shares, like building blocks, so that no financing, no additional purchase costs and no owners' meetings are necessary.

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