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Real estate development

Real estate is considered the cornerstone of any retirement plan. As your private property, as a rented condo or as an interest-bearing house with a high cash flow. But even if you don't own your own property, there's a good chance that real estate can be found in your Riester pension, in your company pension or in your funds. 

We do not believe that investing directly in real estate is for everyone. But we do believe that this form of investment can be an exciting and profitable business for a much wider range of customers than is generally assumed.


Since 2005 we have been guiding people on the way to their first, second or third investment or divestment.

Sustainability fund




noun, feminine [the]

  1. 1.
    long-lasting effect

  2. 2a.
    forestry principle according to which no more wood may be felled than can grow back


Regardless of headlines in the daily press, the issue of sustainability has always been an integral part of our activities.

Not only in the context of the investment itself, but also in the context of our business development. All our business relationships are family-based and long-term. 


Quadriga Investment advises you on sustainable investments such as forestry investments, renewable energies and funds excluding arms.

Target groups

  • private customers

  • institutional

  • cooperative banks

  • private banks

  • Property developer 

  • Commercial customers, in particular the skilled crafts sector

  • Insurance companies

  • Regional SMEs

Business Development and Sales Management

To limit our services to the sale of financial services would be far too narrow a focus. Rather, we push detailed marketing as part of business development and sales management.

This includes strategic alignment as well as operational business and the implementation of social media campaigns, presentations at trade fairs and extensive local advertising measures. We prefer to work intensively and confidentially for smaller product providers rather than offering the familiar " vendor's tray" of average products. The niche is our playing field.

Insurance Broker

Insurance brokers are independent specialists who assist clients in choosing suitable insurance products.

They offer holistic advice and consider the individual needs and risks of all clients.

Insurance brokers always work on a neutral basis and are not tied to a specific insurance company.

We support our clients in selecting suitable insurance policies, answer questions and provide information about different options and their benefits. In addition, we monitor policy terms and ensure that policies are extended or adjusted at the appropriate time.

As insurance brokers, we ensure that all our clients are adequately covered against unforeseen events at all times. We are also at your side in the event of a claim. The personal scope of all contracts can be viewed at any time via our internal app.

In a nutshell, an insurance broker in Germany is a reliable and experienced partner who optimally supports its customers in all matters relating to insurance.

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