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The top criteria for long-term investment is security

Germans' reluctance to invest in the capital markets is, in a sense, a tradition, even though more people have invested in equities (funds) in recent years. Underlying this is a deep need for security, which a recent survey by the

Allensbach Institute for Public Opinion Research on retirement provision preferences once again confirms: 78 per cent find the security of paid-in contributions particularly important, while only 54 per cent give high priority to returns. Two-thirds would like to know what they can expect in old age (planning security). Decision-making certainty through qualified advice is of great importance to 58 per cent. "This shows: The population places high demands on private pension provision, especially security in a comprehensive sense," sums up Katja de la Viña from the German Insurance Association (GDV), which commissioned the survey. Private pension insurance offers that. And it stands for a lifelong additional income."

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