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Only one in three 30- to 59-year-olds feels prepared for retirement

The "middle generation" is losing confidence in its own financial security in old age.

In 2018, according to a survey by the Allensbach Institute for Public Opinion Research, 38 per cent of 30

to 59-year-olds assumed that they would not have to worry about their finances in retirement.

need. This year, this proportion has dropped to 30 per cent. Just under 60 per cent expect to

expect to have to significantly lower their standard of living in old age, if they only have

the statutory pension available to them.

"Basically, the middle generation is aware of what demographic

change means for the social security systems," comments Jörg Asmussen,

Managing Director of the German Insurance Association GDV, which commissioned the survey.

commissioned. "At the same time, the vast majority is aware that the statutory pension is generally

generally not sufficient to maintain one's standard of living in old age."

However, it is never too early or too late to work toward an adequate retirement with private provisions.

too early or too late. Your trusted financial advisor knows what to do.

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