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Invest in artificial intelligence now?

The "golden age of AI" has dawned, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently proclaimed. His company alone has invested over ten billion dollars in OpenAI, which is behind ChatGPT. The quantum leap in artificial intelligence, which has enormous disruptive potential, is unlikely to have escaped the attention of IT laymen. For investors, therefore, the question is whether an investment in this megatrend is worthwhile.

Various AI-themed funds, for example from LFDE, DWS, Allianz Global Investors, Deka or Monega, have already been able to achieve lush value increases in the double-digit percentage range this year. However, part of the overall picture is that the funds lost a lot of ground last year. Anyone wishing to include AI funds in their portfolio should therefore be resistant to fluctuations and have a long-term investment horizon. The focus of AI fund portfolios is primarily on IT hardware manufacturers, Internet companies, and

cloud providers, but also Tesla. After all, the e-cars of the future are rolling computers.

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