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Damage due to natural disasters in 2022 was only moderately above average

After the Ahrtal disaster year 2021 with its immense human and material damage, property and motor insurers report a "normal" level of claims again for the past year. Around 4.3 billion euros in insured losses were caused by storms, hail, heavy rain and floods to buildings, household goods, businesses and vehicles. That is about 100 million euros more than the long-term average.

The hurricane series consisting of "Ylenia", "Zeynep" and "Antonia" in February had a particularly devastating effect, causing almost a third of the natural hazard losses in 2022. "With a total of 1.4 billion

1.4 billion, the series of storms ranks third among the worst winter storms since 2002," emphasises Jörg Asmussen, Managing Director of the German Insurance Association GDV, and warns: "Even though there was no extreme rainfall in the past year: Prevention and adaptation to the consequences of climate change are the key to ensuring that the costs of natural disasters, and thus insurance premiums, do not get out of hand in the future.

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